Hungry Shark Evolution Review 2016

hungry shark evolution

hungry shark evolution

You might have played some games already which allow you swimming around under the sea as different creatures such as dolphins, sharks or penguins, but Hungry Shark Evolution will allow you to control one of the deadliest creatures that ever existed: a Great White Shark. These predators are respected by everyone as they simply killing machines. Hungry Shark Evolution presents an arcade game with astonishing graphics and contrast. The beauty of swimming around and admiring the blue ocean needs no further description. As mentioned already, there might me a range of swimming games but this one got the colours perfectly.

The art style used to illustrate a lush world for you to explore, the sounds taking you into a relaxing mood, even when you are using your creature to jump out of the water and hunt, and lastly, the controls are intuitive and easy to get used to. The shark is controlled using a tilt interface, and then you have the power to unleash its strength and speed with a simple touch of the button. This can help you leap into the air or chase other fast fish.

The health of your shark is made up of a stamina meter too. Unless you keep eating, your meter will go down and eventually kill your shark. Your health can also be affected by larger sharks, jellyfish or other sea creatures, so be careful. Once you are dead, you can use the coins you have collected to upgrade your shark and make it even more powerful. Nudging sea shells is a good way to get experience and coins, and as you level up, your shark will transform and grow in a bigger species, allowing you to hunt easier and bigger creatures.

The upgrades might offer you’re a sense of progression, but at the end of the day you will be exploring the same underwater world and this might get quite boring after a while. Therefore, if you want to rush your progression you can purchase coins with real money or use Hungry Shark Evolution cheats to help you create the perfect killing machine in no time. Hungry Shark Evolution is a fun casual game, which you can play during your commute and also recommend to your friends and family  to kill time.