Just Cause 3 for Consoles Review

This game is about doing some crazy death stunts while killing enemies and destroying anything you can see with some amazing explosions (as seen in the trailer). While these can be performed with ease on the PC version, the version that has been ported to consoles (Xbox One and PlayStation 4) is a bit clunky and it can be rather difficult to perform those stunts. As lately, most of the games are free world meaning you have access to a large map and decide which quests to do first, which to miss, as opposed to a linear story game. This way might be a bit harder for some to fully understand the story, depending the order in which you do the quests.

This one has a huge map, comprised of 4 islands and getting from one to another is absolutely insane. You can go for fast travelling, but I’d rather not as there are plenty of cars, planes, boats and other crazy stuff you can use to travel and let me know that it is totally a joy! Again, if you are looking to blow some things up, then Just Cause 3 is the game for you without a doubt! Some buildings can not be exploded, but your main targets will be exploding stuff like fuel barrels or generators. In addition to this, you have access to an entire arsenal of weapons, ranging from crazy machineguns to airstrike-targeting laser. Great tip: you can hijack a vehicle from your enemy for infinite ammo!

If you are looking for a really difficult game to beat, then Just Cause 3 is not the game. Enemies are sometimes dumb, missing 90% of the time and even driving cars in each others. After a while, all this blowing up can get a bit repetitive but to be honest, I have never stopped being amazed by the wide range of weapons and the explosions. The most fun to take over are obviously the military bases, as they have more details to them and they are unique. Also this is a bit more challenging as well, than when taking over a town.

Just Cause 3 is a game where you can unleash your imagination and having a fun combat system, helps you not getting bored of taking over dozens of city which some might find repetitive. There are still some bugs, but the developer released quickly some updates and addressed most of them. So if you are not liking bugs, then you can wait a bit more before purchasing the game as you might get a good deal with the Christmas around the corner and by then all the bugs will surely be addressed.

just cause 3

just cause 3