Get Unlimited Megabucks with this Megapolis Hack Online

I am sure you have been seeking various way to expand your city faster without spending tons of real money, but now you just stumbled upon the perfect way. This Megapolis Hack we are going to discuss about today has been out for some time and it is capable of generating unlimited megabucks for free. To make things even more enjoyable, it can also add unlimited coins even though megabucks are the reason you are here. If you have not played Megapolis before, then you are missing out on a really cool city building game.

In Megapolis, you start building your own city and this means residential and commercial buildings, manufacturing buildings, roads and transportation links, as well as a lot of other cool stuff. In Megapolis the premium currency is called Megabucks, and the coins is the main in game currency used to build constructions and other stuff. However, as Megabucks is the premium currency, they hold significant more value over the coins, as you pay real money for them. Some of the awesome buildings are purchasable only with Megabucks and this can become a problem for a free to play user. But this Megapolis Hack Tool we review today is going to change that, as even the free to play players have now access to Megabucks. Long story short, a Megapolis hack will increase the pace at which the game takes place, providing a much more better gameplay experience.

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Megapolis cheats

Unlike some other Megapolis cheats, this one is based online there is no need of downloading a third party client. Furthermore, NEWMATICA values your safety and does not encourage downloading files from unknown sources as this might potentially damage your phone, tablet or computer. Another advantage of this Online Megapolis Hack Tool is that you do not to worry about updating it whenever there is a new update for the game. The devs are able to keep the tool working as they can directly update it from their servers. Because some of you might have been playing Megapolis on their smartphones, you might have a hard time using this tool on your little device. What I recommend is opening the Megapolis Hack on a computer and use it there. All you need to know is your in game username ID and you are ready for unlimited megabucks and coins. If you have good friends who are playing Megapolis too, you can generate resources for them. You will need to know their in game username ID and how many coins and megabucks they want.

  • What you want to do is hit the green button above to launch the Megapolis Hack, then enter your username ID in the first box.
  • Moving to the next stage, you now need to type in how many megabucks and coins you wan to generate. This can be any amount, but for security reasons you should not go past 150k coins/megabucks at a time. This means that you can add resources as many times as you feel the need to.
  • In order to keep the generator working, the developers have implemented a manual verification system where you need to prove that you are a human and actual playing the game. This does not happen all the time and once you have passed the verification you will receive the resources soon.
  • If you are happy with the new Megapolis Hack tool, you might share it with your online friends who are also playing the game. You can do so using Twiter, Facebook or G+.

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So, what are some of the features of this Megapolis Hack Online?

  • Unlimited Megabucks and Unlimited Coins
  • Awesome user interface with simple controls
  • Safe connection from a proxy server
  • No download required
  • Compatible with all versions of the game
  • Can be used remotely

Now that you know how to get unlimited megabucks and coins in Megapolis, you should have a lot more fun when playing the game. I hope you enjoyed reading about this new Megapolis Hack Tool and looking forward for your thoughts on it.