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In this post we are going to look at an online Avataria hack which is able to generate silver coins and gold coins for free in just a few clicks. I bet you were wondering how some players got so many premium items and you were thinking they paid real money for them. Well, some of them might have done so, some might have used an Avataria hack tool to add silver and gold coins to their accounts for free. Yeap, you heard it right! There are Avataria cheats that allow users to generate different amounts of gold coins and silver coins, and some of them even unlimited resources which is pretty insane to be honest. Avataria is a really popular game, mainly played by Facebook users but lately the Android user base as well as the iOS one has increased considerably. In this game, you can create your own avatar and simply start enjoying the beauties of life: dancing, love & shopping. You simply never get bored in this game. However, if you are looking for a full game review, sadly this post won’t cover it, but you can check back later as we plan on doing a more in-depth game review. If this generator got your attention, check out the video below for a clear idea on how this Avataria hack is working. Furthermore, if you need any help there is a complete tutorial in a lower section of this post.

Avataria Hack tool video demonstration

Click here to open up Avataria Hack online

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As the game is available for play on a lot of devices, as well as facebook, the developers thought an online solution is the easiest method to cover all the users who are playing Avataria. So no matter if you are playing the game on your Android phone, iPad or Facebook, you will be able to access the generator and add coins to your account. Furthermore, you do not have to open up the generator on the device you are playing the game. For example, you can open up the Avataria hack online on your computer and generate coins for your phone. Also, if you like you can add coins to your friend’s account too, if you know his/her username. As you might have seen in the video above, the generator is not very difficult to use but if you have troubles you can always leave a comment below or have a look at the following exact steps.

  1. Click the green button above and open up the Avataria hack tool. You then need to type in your in game username so the generator will know for which account to generate coins.
  2. This step is about typing in the amount of silver coins and gold coins you plan on adding to your account. It is recommended that you stay under the radar and do not type in ridiculous amounts which can result in a manual review for your account and eventually a ban. As a result, adding about 100,000 silver/gold coins is 100% safe and you should not have any troubles.
  3. When using the Avataria hack for the first time, you might be asked to manually verify your action and complete a human verification process which should not take very long. If this happens, just stick to the instructions displayed on the screen and you should be fine. After completing this verification step, you should receive your coins in your account.
  4. Lastly, if you enjoyed this hack tool you can share it with other people who might also like it. For example, your friends and family might be playing the game and they will surely find it useful.

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What is unique about this Avataria Hack?

  • Awesome user interface
  • Unlimited coins
  • 100% safe
  • Anonymous proxy connection

So, if you are playing Avataria then you definitely need to try out this Avataria hack online. It is free to access and unlike other Avataria cheats, it does not require a download from your part. In a matter of minutes and by just a few clicks, you can now have the coolest items in game.