Subway Surfers Hack for Unlimited Coins

You, me, my mum and everybody else I know plays Subway Surfers and I know how much addiction this game gives you. To make things more enjoyable for you, here is a Subway Surfers hack which is able to generate keys and coins for free. Pretty insane, right? As with other “endless running” type of games, it can get really frustrating when dying. However, now you are going to have access to all the power ups, boards and other premium items for free. You can get this the hard way, by playing the game a lot or by paying real money. Now there is a third way, the online Subway Surfers hack and this is the easiest way. A complete review of the game is planned, so if you are looking forward to it please check back in a few weeks. Basically, Subway Surfers is about a hooligan who painted off the wall and because of this, an inspector and his dog will chase you. The game is available on iOS and Android platforms, and is compatible with pretty much every device. As the game is available to play for free, at some point in game you might feel the need to purchase in game items using real money. This happens with every free to play game and this makes no exception, but don`t worry as that is where Subway Surfers hack tool comes handy.

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As I told you already, the game is available on various devices with different operating systems and as a result, the easiest way to have single tool working with all those devices was to come up with an online based solution. There are plenty of advantages over a typical Subway Surfers hack which requires you to download an apk mod or an exe file on your computer. This might represent a risk as you can easily download a virus which might damage your computer. What is a lot cooler is that you can use your computer or phone or tablet to generate the resources for whichever account you like. You can even generate resources for your friends. The Online Subway Surfers hack tool is not very difficult to use, but if you have troubles check out the tutorial below which is going to guide you through the entire process.

  1. Now, to begin you will have to open up the generator by clicking the green button above. Then you have to type in you username you use in game. If you want to generate the resources for your friend, you will need his in game username then.
  2. Step 2 is to enter the amount of coins and keys you would like to add to your account. This is up to you, but the dev suggests adding no more than 100,000 coins and 100,000 keys at a time to be 100% secure that your account will not get locked up. You can repeat the process as many times as you like so you can actually add unlimited coins and keys, but it takes multiple times.
  3. If you have not used this Subway Surfers hack before, you might be asked to verify your action manually. This should not take you very long and once your account is whitelisted, you will not have to verify it again. After you have done with this, your coins and keys should be with you in a matter of minutes.
  4. If you enjoyed the generator, you can share it with other people you may know so you can all have fun together. But if you like, you can keep it to yourself and brag about your cool stats making them wonder how you did it.

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subway surfers hack

subway surfers hack

What makes this Subway Surfers hack tool unique?

  • 100% secure
  • very easy to use
  • unlimited coins
  • unlimited keys
  • anonymous connection

Now you have seen how you can enjoy more the game and I have shared with you a quick Subway Surfers hack online which I found on Google. If you are looking, there are other Subway Surfers cheats which you might want to try so it is up to you which one you want to use. For a more in depth review of the game and more cheats, you can bookmark this website.